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Also known in the Dentists' Register as Anthony Victor Jacobs

Qualified in December 1979 BDS (Lond)

GDC registration December 1979 as no. 53788

Passed LDS RCS (Eng) March 1980

First post was for Messrs Sussman and Trewella in Edmonton, North London, from January 1980 to October 1981.

Moved to Manchester to take over present practice in Bury Old Road, Prestwich, Manchester from Moshe Morris, who then retired a few years later. Commenced working there on 2nd November 1981, and is still working from the same treatment room when this page edited in 2013.

Tony was joined in the practice by Steve Lazarus in 1988, and 406 Dental has grown from strength to strength since then.

Relevant experience

Bury LDC

Served on Bury LDC since it was re-formed in 1988, and was secretary from 1992 until merger with Rochdale LDC in 1996. Responsible for drafting of new constitution of merged LDCs, and of Bury and Rochdale Oral Health Advisory Group. 

Presently vice chairman of Bury and Rochdale LDC, since 1996. 

In 2004, was elected Chairman of Bury and Rochdale Oral Health Advisory Group. 

Service Committees

Served as Dental member from 1990 to 1996. There were many cases in those years

Annual Conference of LDCs

Represented Bury from 1992 to 2015, have spoken to and proposed motions at the conference, both of which were carried. Tony was elected to the Agenda Committee which runs the annual conference from 2005-2011 and again from 2012 to 2015. During this time, helped to implement a website for the Conference

In June 2008, Tony unsuccessfully stood for election to Chair this Conference. In June 2009, re-elected for another three year term on the Agenda Committee.

In June 2012, was honoured to be elected Chair of this Conference for 2014.

Dental Journals

Wrote postgraduate meeting and conference reports in "Dental Practice", and in June 1999, on the "Future of Postgraduate Education" in "The Dentist".

 Had a fortnightly column in Dental Tribune, UK edition. from 2008 to 2011.

This column moved to a monthly one in Dental Practice magazine, from 2011onwards.

Dentistry magazineruns an annual poll of the "UK Top 50 Influential Dentists", Tony was has risen in this poll from position 32 in 2008, then 28th, in 2012 Tony was 9th in the poll.

British Dental Association

Member since 1976. Served on Branch Council for East Lancashire, two year spell as Assistant Branch Secretary. Helped to form a Young Dentists Group in 1989. Media/Parliamentary spokesman since 1992. Active member of the Golf section.

In 2007-8, had the honour of being elected to the position of Branch President for East Lancashire and East Cheshire Branch of the BDA.

Postgraduate education

From my first week in practice, have committed to and have consistently followed postgraduate education, attending local postgraduate meetings, BDA local meetings, member of "Friends of the Hebrew University" in Manchester, as well as varying courses around the country. Lectured at Software of Excellence conference at NEC, 1999 on internet mailing lists for dentists. Have lectured to MSc students at University of Birmingham from 2003 to 2007 on "Internet Communication for Dentists".

In addition, like all modern UK dentists, I continue to obtain regular, verified, targeted and continuing professional postgraduate education from many sources, well beyond the minimum demanded by the GDC.

Dental practice experience

Owned my practice since 1983, and have faced all the challenges that have developed in those years.

1992 to present

Took practice into Independent status following Government NHS fee cuts in July 1992. This has been successful, and in 2006 became fully private when the terms and contract offered by Bury PCT were not acceptable. Bury PCT would not negotiate, their offer was take it or leave it. Practice is fully computerised.

Practice website is here

Medico-Legal Experience

As outlined earlier, many years experience in Dental Service Committees for the LDC. This lead to writing dento-legal reports, this carried out from practice since 1987.

In late 2004, was appointed part-time Local Adviser for Dental Protection Ltd. Initially this was helping members in the North of England with enquiries they were receiving from the Dental Practice Board, and this has now evolved into helping several colleagues on the DPS ARM scheme.

Current computer knowledge/experience

Dental Practice

Implemented and led installation of Software of Excellence’s ExAct software within our practice in June 1998. This followed a lengthy period of careful research into competing systems. This replaced a self written DOS-based system used for administration only, which would not have been Y2K compliant. This system was replaced with new hardware and software in 2004, and will always need further upgrade and improvement.

Internet and World Wide Web

Identified the need for improved communication between GDPs using e-mail, initiated a mailing list called GDPUK with a letter in the British Dental Journal in August 1997. Recruited a growing membership, which reached over 2100 at a Yahoogroup site which then became outgrown. It works like "Letters to the Editor", with a rapid turnaround, and the members answer points raised themselves. This group has become the leading venue for internet communication between British dentists, and is read widely and has influence throughout the UK dental profession.

In November 2004, this group had it's first Convention at University of Birmingham, this has been repeated over the years.

The new site at has helped the group grow even more rapidly, with thousands of dental subscribers, who visit the site in their thousands daily, and read content emails in their thousands too. The site has developed from being an email list to a web based forum carrying banner advertising linked to dental companies webpoages. Future plans include producing an app for tablet devices to allow readers to access regularly published output from GDPUK. 

The site employs a webmaster and a journalist, as well as moderators and an advertising sales manager. This small publishing company offers its services, including classified advertising for dentists free to members.

Dental practice has a web page

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Tony in November 2008