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You can join a true online community, not one built by a multi-national company with millions of dollars. This group of British dentists communicate daily, and have a major interest at heart, their livelihood, their profession. As in any community, you will find the loud, the quiet, the brave, the faint-hearted and the foolish . . . . .read on.

Find answers to difficult questions, swap ideas about promoting your practice, discuss unusual cases, share ideas, meet dentists from around the country, talk about the latest Government plans, debate dental ethics, all of these things, any time of day or night, delivered daily to your inbox. As with magazines, interested people can subscribe to a mailing list covering a particular topic, but unlike a magazine, articles to a mailing list are sent to all subscribers as they are written. All subscribers are encouraged to write to and for the list, and each article invites further response from the list members.
  • An Internet mailing list offers General Dental Practitioners (GDPs) a chance to communicate, collaborate and co-ordinate activity efficiently, in a wide scale. This list is most interesting to dentists and other dental care professionals registered in Britain with the General Dental Council, and they are very welcome to join
  • This mailing list, for dentists in general practice in the UK, is private, and is not intended for the general public. This will spare list members from unnecessary questions that permeate Internet newsgroups related to dentistry and medicine.
  • The Internet may produce a solution to the growing need for efficient communication between dental practitioners. E-mail can be read at a time convenient to each individual, and does not necessarily demand an immediate response (like a telephone call).

Web pages may contain updated information, but users may not visit them to see this, e-mail has the advantage of delivery to the user's PC every time they log on and check e-mail.

  • Information needs in general dental practice are not met efficiently. There are books, academic journals, commercial magazines and discussion with colleagues. There can be too much information. Paper based journals are presented in a one-to-many format; it is difficult to obtain a quick response via Letters to Editor, which is inefficient. Messages on an Internet mailing list are distributed on a many-to-many format, allowing list members to discuss and debate issues as they arise. In effect, list members join a "virtual conference", which is perpetual and ubiquitous.
  • GDPs experience considerable stress in their interactions with patients, and this stress can be relieved by discussing matter with other dentists. Advice from colleagues is often sought by telephone or at local meetings, as GDPs are often single handed, or work in small groups.



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