Pictures taken on the day

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Pictures are copyright A V Jacobs 1998.

The view through the double fences.

Groups of Jewish youth from all over the world gathered for the march.

Including Chile, Brazil, and countries from all over the Americas, as well as youth groups from Israel, Europe and there were Polish supporters.

The images were different in colour, in sunshine.

Some sights were more poignant. This was a small crematorium in Auschwitz 1 camp, where "only" 70,000 were murdered.

The marchers formed into columns amongst the barracks at Auschwitz.

And marched out of the camp through the famous gateway with the spurious slogan.

We reached Birkenau, the most ghastly place on earth.

The remains of the barracks where prisoners slept could be visited

Speakers included The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Lau, and the Prime Ministers of Israel and Poland.

Pictures are copyright A V Jacobs 1998.

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